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So, what's the Cannabus® all about anyway?


The Cannabus® is a modern RV/Tour bus that will evolve in tandem with the television show, 'High Intentions'®.  The Cannabus® will educate its viewers while traveling the U.S. following the ever transforming cannabis movement.

The Cannabus® will serve as a mobile production studio suitable for dining and conducting interviews. The kitchen area will be equipped for periodic cooking episodes on the show, in addition to a staged area where some of the filming and/or conversations may take place.  

Hemp related products and materials should be used whenever possible on the  Cannabus®. These include hemp soaps, cleaning products, shampoos, toilet paper, towels, linens, flooring, etc.

The Cannabus® was conceptualized in several versions and is multi-functional. It may simply be a form of transportation, but will serve primarily as an educational tool...  One that figuratively grows with the movement,  perhaps one day being powered by hemp seed oil. 


Promoting public awareness of the cannabis and hemp movements through education. 

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